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Jordan Reece Andrews
Age: 14        Human/Female
Hair: Dark Purple, later magenta fading to dark purple. Almost always worn down w/headband or braided pigtails
Eyes: Blue/Blue grey
Makeup: Very little, occasionally wears a range of red or violet lipstick and mascara
Race: Human, caucasian, very pale
Sign: Libra
Pokemon: Chandelure (Lizbet), Litwick X2 (Margret, Veronica)
Sexuality: Het
Romance: Mondo (Briefly, currently they are just friends)
Alliances: Jessie (friendly), James (Platonic), Mondo (Good friends)
Traits: Creative, innocent, bold, individual, a bit impulsive, arrogant, a bit cocky, argumentative
Strengths: Debating, Strategy games, sketching, shooting
Weaknesses: Absolutely despises glitter (it gets everywhere and causes pollution), scares easily in the dark (Uses Lisbet as a light source) and she can be a bit oblivious to the world around her
Likes: Playing video games, reading, sketching, debating
Dislikes: Darkness, glitter, people who eat oreos and eat
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Discovering me
This is my story about how I discovered my sexuality. I identify as a homoromantic. If we are using labels, I’m fine with gay, and lesbian. I’m a girl, and I have romantic attraction to girls, not sexual attraction. I’m a young teenager, so I don’t really know if sexual attraction is normal at my age, but right now I am a homoromantic. My whole life, I have never been interested in boys. I would be friends with them, but nothing more. I always assumed I was straight, because that was normal, and I never knew that being gay was a thing. I just assumed that I  would be single forever, because I never wanted to date boys. My family did assume I was straight as well.  So I lived my life until, about 6th grade, not thinking about romance at all. Then in 6th grade, my dad took my two sisters and I to a school dance (Grades K-6). It was called the “Daddy daughter dance” so obviously it was for dads and their daughters. My dad and I were dancing, a
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The Man With The Screwdriver Eyes
"Would you still love me, to kiss me and hug me,
If I were to come back home from work with a shocking surprise?"
I exclaimed with a nod "Yes, of course, daddy I would!"
And my father smiled back at me with his sparkling blue eyes.
T'was early that day, I was taking my dolls out to play just as my father was heading to work.
But the rest of the day would not be okay...
I started to feel queasy, and slightly uneasy as his smile turned to a slightly dark yet twisted smirk.
Then later that night, I got such a fright
That would scar me for the rest of my very short life.
A peculiar sight, for something wasn't quite right,
It was my father, but alas he was holding a knife.
But what scared me even more, as he walked through the door,
Was not intimidating height, nor his size.
There I  had stood, trembling more than I should,
For my father, he had not told me lies.
His surprise was so shocking, my jaw began locking and all I could do was just stand there and stare
At the man by the door,
:iconeviedoodles:EvieDoodles 2 3
25 Useless Superpowers
The ability to turn into a chair, but be unable to turn back
The ability to talk to hamsters, but only be able to swear at them
The ability to run really fast when you break your legs
The ability to turn invisible, but only if your eyes are closed
The ability to poop chocolate, but not realize it's chocolate
The ability to be immortal so long as you read the Twilight saga from start to finish, every fortnight 
The ability to make people need to itch their butts in public
The ability to eat food with their ear
The ability to give yourself diarrhea every time you hear your favorite song playing
The ability to travel back in time by a mere millisecond
The ability to squeeze sun lotion out of your skin only after you get sunburned
The ability to be able to impersonate yourself
The ability to make it make it snow in Antarctica
The ability to never be afraid to catch fish
The ability to repeat yourself
The ability to repeat yourself
The ability to make anyone drop dead if you like them
:iconeviedoodles:EvieDoodles 3 7
Uprising- Chapter 2
By the time Acerola reached the front door of the malasada shop and stepped inside, her friends were already seated at a small round table in the corner of the shop, with a giant pink box, presumably filled with at least a dozen malasadas, sitting on its glossy, plastic table top. She sighed and let a small smile form on her lips, demonstrating that she wasn’t surprised that they’d not only ordered everything, but were already eating their sugary loot by the time she only arrived. Jessie turned around and noticed Acerola beginning to walk over to their table.
“Hey kid!” she shouted, her mouth full of doughy, creamy, malasada goodness, “Where’ve you been? What took you so long- the world could’ve ended by the time you got here, geez!”
The purple-haired tween giggled a bit and eagerly pulled out a little white chair from underneath the table and hopped on top of the seat. She then reached into the box for the malasada she had been desperate
:iconkwaziicat:KwaziiCat 2 7
Fearhug Factory by KwaziiCat Fearhug Factory :iconkwaziicat:KwaziiCat 13 18
It's kitten season and I have several friends who work in shelters and every year pregnant cats and cats with kittens flood in an shelters are forced to make hard decisions to euthanise these perfectly healthy animals because of a lack of room and more importantly, a lack of action by a careless owner. 
Shelters do not want to kill these beautiful healthy animals but when you get days where 30+ kittens and cats flood into your care and you have limited space you have no choice. 
This can be prevented by spaying or neutering your cats if you intend for them to be outdoor animals. Strays are another story and we're trying to get C&R to be a thing. 
However, if you own a cat that is an outside cat -- SPAY or NEUTER before you let them out. This way they aren't going to increase the already overgrown population of strays.
Call me a bleeding heart but I'm not overly fond of the concept of healthy cats and kittens
:iconninjakato:NinjaKato 27 39

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I saw this picture and I wholeheartedly agree that would make my day. If for some reason, there was an english live action Pokemon movie, I think Danny DeVito in no costume whatsoever would make a hilarious Meowth, but... who would play everyone else? I feel like Rowan Blanchard could make a good ash, but she's a girl so... we could genderswap most of the movie, which honestly would be twice as cool.

embedded_item1529506339569 by TeamRocketOtaku
Y'all, TBH I'm sick of going by Deedee cuz barely anyone IRL calls me that so wth I'm going by my real name now, if you lovely peeps could start calling me Delaney, please do that. Thanks fam. <3
I am currently operating on 3.5 hours of sleep.

I am still sad Rocketshipping is only canon in the manga, but what truly makes a ship canon? They are already awknowledged by the directors as a ship tease, so does that make them canon? They have not kissed in the anime if that is what makes it canon, but they clearly did a bit more than kissing in the manga, as Jessie was pregnant by the epilogue.

Anti Rocketshippers are what is wrong with the world. I bet Trump is an antishipper.

Y'know, Trump is a Gemini. My best friend is also a Gemini. My brother is a Gemini. If we're going by James Day in the fandom, then James would also be a Gemini. I'm a Libra. Libras are thought to be both mentally and sexually compatible with Gemini. Does this mean I am compatible with James? I hope. We could make a good couple. I've been told by people and quizzes that I am a lot like Jessie. Who knows? Maybe she is also a Libra.

Hahahaha we could be Li-bros.


TeamRocketOtaku's Profile Picture
Delaney Lynn
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hi, guys. So my name is TeamRocketOtaku (Real name Deedee) and I love, love, love drawing and anime and manga and music and crafts and jewelry and everything considered art! I also LOVE Team Rocket, and I get reeeeaaally dramatic over them. Now is a good time to mention I adore. Rocketshipping, and will defend it's honor with my life. If you do not like it... keep it to yourself and you shan't be harmed. I respect other ships, but that doesn't mean I like them, so I won't attack your OTP if you don't start a flame war over mine.…

I'm trying to save money for a commission, if you would be so kind as to donate or purchase a commission from me that would just make my day!!

My friends IRL are PallyCat and swimwolf54, please check them out!
We three cohost an account we post joke art on: EtherealGreenBeans



:icongojilion91: :iconsugardove123: :iconpallycat: :iconswimwolf54: :iconkwaziicat::iconaverieparis2004:


YCH payment
Yeah the price is starting at 100 because I am not spending an hour on a drawing for less than a dollar. Eventually I will raise the prices. Depending on the extras you purchased for the drawing I will make another Commission category for you but this is the origin one. Will make the journal later for the YCH Iteself.
Large essay
I will write a 3-5 paragraph essay with quotations and citations on a topic of your choice but it CANNOT be a school essay, I will do it if it is just a quick write though. Plagiarism is not in my lane, I thought I was going to Hell because I read part of 13 Reasons Why so don't make me a criminal please. Topic must be G-PG13. At least a week and a half is needed to complete it. Time fram can be discussed but the more time i get the better it becomes. I retain the right to refuse a commission because I don't like the subject.
I will write you a haiku on a topic of your choice. Must be pg15 or under.

You can have two haikus for the price of one if you give me a llama. :)
I will write you a three paragraph essay on a topic of your choice. At least a week is needed to complete it. Please keep the topic pg13. 
I will write (I'm rather good at essays) you a paragraph (argumentative or informative) on a topic of your choice. It could be about an otp, it could be about jeggings, the possibilities are endless but please keep it pg13.
Commissions Open!
I've never done commissions before so forgive me if I made this widget wrong. Hi, so I am currently offering commissions for ten points each. It doesn't matter what type you want (from the ones listed below) it is still 10 points for each.

I will draw your character (No nudity!!) in one of the following:
-Full body (profile or front facing)
-Half body

I can sketch-design a dress of any type (I only design female fashion) for you if you simply tell me what you would like. I can design virtually any type of dress, as that's primarily what I draw.
-Full body (front facing only)

Okay, I hope I did that right. So yeah, I guess tell me if you want a commission and it shall be done! If you want one, we can discuss deadlines. It should take only a week at the latest depending on how busy I am with these. To quote Niraneye, "Thank you for your custom."


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